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LeCom maintains a specialized fleet of construction equipment, including excavators, trenchers, directional drilling machines, and conduit and wire handling equipment.

With our experienced workforce and fleet, we can also meet the varied demands of underground installations, from simple subdivision electrical services to high voltage systems several miles in length.

These advantages equate to a faster, more economical deployment of your network.


  • Directional Drilling

  • Emergency Repair/Restoration Services

  • Roadway and Right-of-Way Restoration

  • Trenching and Pipe Placement Work

  • High voltage cable terminating and splicing

  • Hydro vacuum excavation and directional drilling

  • Electric feeder installation

  • Electric distribution

  • Collection systems

  • Joint utility trench

  • Electric cable and services

  • Cable Pulling and Blowing

  • Streetlights and Street Light Foundations

  • Welding fabrication

  • Station installation

  • Fault locating and repair

  • Trenching, backfill, and compaction

  • Conduit, Duct bank, and manhole systems

  • Installation of direct buried wire and wire in conduit

  • Installation of pad-mounted equipment, including transformers and sectionalizing cabinets

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